Harbor Hill

Nantucket, Massachusetts, 2013


­­­­­Sited on a spectacular hill overlooking Nantucket Harbor, a cluster of 12 small structures, appearing at first as a group of smallish classic shingled Nantucket cottages, a new residence reveals itself.  A classic Jacobsen concept; each gabled building dedicated to its own purpose: living room, kitchen, dining room, office, etc., the tallest building reaching 26 feet high with generous surrounding square footage.  Crisp, clean-lined furnishings, largely designed by the Jacobsen firm underscore the notion that large house can still have seaside cottage feel.


2014 Award for Architecture by

The Washington Chapter of American Institute of Architects 


Architectural Digest June 2014 issue

The Robb Report August 2017


Project Architect: Heidi Leinbach; Ernest Schichler

Architectural Photography by: Douglas Friedman, Simon Jacobsen, Nathan Coe and Richard Mandelkorn and LINKNantucket.