Simony Jacobsen is a principal partner of the internationally acclaimed architectural firm Jacobsen Architecture, LLC with his father and partner Hugh Newell Jacobsen, F.A.I.A. 

Jacobsen operates a company of nine architects and works throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe and Asia. The primary focus of his work is custom residential, commercial and institutional architecture,
interiors and furniture and lighting design. Simon Jacobsen recently launched a successful furniture line of the firm's individual pieces from the last ten years.

Simon Jacobsen’s work is widely published in print and television such as The Wall Street Journal, Casa VOGUE, Extreme Homes, Architectural Digest, The Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine, DC Modern Luxury, Home & Design, Design
Bureau Magazine, HGTV, Entra Magazine and the hundreds of internet publications and design blogs. Jacobsen has also been a contributor to Architectural Digest. Residential Architect Magazine listed Jacobsen Architecture in the top 50 design firms in the US and Architectural Digest lists the company in the top 100 internationally. 

Jacobsen is a recipient of many prestigious awards in architecture and design from The American Institute of Architects, The Society of American Registered Architects and he is also an inductee of Architectural Digest’s AD100.

For the past several years he developed the celebrated architectural history website "Vanished Washington-an architectural eulogy of what was Washington, D.C." which documents the building purge of some of Washington's most elegant buildings and neighborhoods from 1930 to the 1980's.