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Piedmont Plantation

1735 and 1784

Jefferson County, West Virginia.

"The Robert Worthington House, also known as Piedmont and Quarry Banks, is an historic house located near Charles Town, West Virginia. The main house was constructed as an addition in 1784 to the original structure, which dates to circa 1735, built by Robert Worthington, who called the house "Quarry Banks - New Style" after his original home, "Quarry Banks" in England. Worthington's grandson, Thomas Worthington, eventually became the sixth governor of Ohio. The Georgian style addition was built by Dr. John Briscoe. The house remains in the Briscoe family"

The firm was commissioned by the new owners, Kate and Jim Lehrer, to restore and stabilize the manse back to a usable life of good standing. The house needed to be refitted with power, HVAC and plumbing but the architect chose to not make any of these obvious.

Architectural photography: Robert C. Lautman

Published: Southern Living, House Beautiful.